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Online Sessions & Summit Location and Program

Summit and Online Briefing Sessions

Tentative Schedule - Please note that the schedule is subject to change

Summit Date and Location

May 17, 2007
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
5:00 - 7:00 Reception & Showcase

Centennial Hall

Mesa Convention Center
263 N. Center Street
Mesa Arizona 85201

Hotel Accommodations

Phoenix Marriott Mesa
5 Minutes from the Convention Center
200 N. Centennial Way, Mesa, AZ - Map

Arizona Telecommunications and Information Council (ATIC) Conference Rate (code atiatia) 159.00 +tax.

Ten rooms reserved at this rate until May 9. Cancellation required 72 hours in advance.

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Online Pre-Summit Briefing Sessions

The Summit includes a series of four statewide online briefing sessions prior to the May 17 event. You will have access to these sessions from the convenience of your office or community by statewide audio and web conferencing provided by provided by iLinc Communications. In order to keep the Summit event to a single day we will utilize the online meetings to provide an overview of the issues and technologies, and an update on current Arizona initiatives. This will enable us to focus on policy and strategy deliberations on May 17.

Please note that if you cannot attend these sessions at the scheduled time they will be available for viewing from this web site a day or two after each presentation.

Schedule (Please check back to check for possible changes

April, 9 2007

On Demand

Audio only Conference recording now available anytime

1-800-756-3819  Pin:  225735 (This Session Only - See audio instructions for other sessions below)

April 19, 2007

2:30 - 4:00 pm

Web Conference Recording now available for viewing.
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April 30, 2007

2:30 - 4:00 pm

Also available for live participation in Phoenix (see below)

May 10, 2007

2:30 - 4:00 pm

Also available for live participation in Phoenix (see below)


May 17 Summit Schedule

Arizona Tech Council After 5 Reception, Networking and Tech Expo free and open to the public

8:00 -9:00

Registration,  Networking and Exhibitors



·         Mike Keeling, Chair, Arizona Telecommunications and Information Council

·         Chris Cummiskey, Director, State Government Information Technology Agency, and Chair of the Communications Infrastructure Advisory Committee

·         Jan Lesher, Director, Arizona Department of Commerce

·         Steve Peters, Summit Coordinator

·         Thanks To Sponsors

·         Welcome AT & T and Strategic Technology Communications


Plenary Session – Overview

  • ATIC Introduction – Oris Friesen, Vice Chair, ATIC

  • CIAC Introduction – Galen Updike, Telecommunications Manager, Government Information Technology Agency

  • Telecom in Arizona –Status and Initiatives  -   Mike Keeling, Chair, ATIC and Ron Schott, Chair, CIAC Strategic Plan Committee

  • Community and Tribal Planning– Dave Evertsen, Principal, Municipal Solutions

  • Challenges To Deployment In Indian Country, Ron Lee, President, Native Policy Group

  • Telecom Technologies –Mark Goldstein, President, International Research Center and ATIC Secretary

  • Telecom Providers Perspective – Deborah Dupee, IT/Telecom Business Systems Consultant, Advanced TechSystems

10:30 – 11:30

Planning and Policy Development Breakout Sessions

  • Strategic Telecom Plan: You will help determine the content and the processes for the development of a Statewide Strategic Telecom Plan (including development of local/tribal plans). The plan will provide the vision, framework and strategies for the deployment of advanced telecommunications and Broadband Internet service throughout the state, and help better leverage our investments.

  • Leadership Structures and Funding Mechanisms: You will explore options and reach consensus on the structure and funding mechanisms to fund telecom infrastructure projects and to provide statewide leadership, coordination and planning that will accelerate deployment of advanced telecommunications and Broadband Internet service throughout the state. You will look at options such as the creation of a state Broadband Development Authority or a public and private nonprofit infrastructure organization, developing an Arizona Broadband Universal Service Fund, providing grants and loans, or providing technical and grant writing assistance for state and local projects

  • Rights-of-Way: You will participate in this important dialog to identify barriers and develop strategies to lower costs and expedite telecom provider access to federal, state, tribal, and local public rights-of-way. Issues may include multiple jurisdiction permitting, delayed application approvals, and unequal and prohibitive fees, etc.

  • Regional/Community/Tribal Planning: You will help identify funding strategies, best practices, and planning processes for communities/regions and tribes to conduct community assessments and implement telecom infrastructure initiatives.

  • Telecom Providers: This workshop will have a three fold purpose: provide a forum for telecom providers to identify issues and barriers to deployment of advanced telecom and Broadband Internet service to rural, tribal and underserved communities; develop recommendations to overcome these barriers; and initiate discussion on the development of the ATIC Telecom Provider Committee that will provide a mechanism for provider input into ATIC and CIAC telecom planning.

11:30 - 12:00

Lunch, Networking and Exhibitors

12:00 - 1:15

Lunch and Program - Best Practices – Community And Tribal Planning

  •  Keynote: Joe Shirley, President Navajo Nation

  • The Navajo Model, Telecom Planning on the Navajo Nation -  Ernest Franklin, Director, Navajo Nation Regulatory Commission

  • Best Practices -Town of Superior, TBA

1:30 - 3:00

Planning and Policy Development Breakout Sessions

3:00 - 3:30

Break, Networking and Exhibitors

3:45 - 5:00

Large Group Report Session

5:00 - 7:00

Arizona Tech Council  After Five Reception, Networking,
Tech Expo

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Online Pre-Summit Briefing Sessions

April 9, 2007
2:30-4:00 pm

Session One - Issues and Overview

  • Welcome: Mike Keeling, Chair, Arizona Telecommunications
    and Information Council and Chris

  • ATIC and CIAC

  • Why telecom is important for Arizona

  • Barriers to deployment of Broadband in Rural Communities

  • Arizona- What is happing – ATIC and CIAC

April 19,2007
2:30-4:00 pm

Session Two - Local Community/Tribal Issues, Policies
and Best Practices

  • Local Community Planning - Dave Evertsen, CEO of Municipal Solutions will address issues, policies and strategies for  tribal/local community telecom initiatives

  • Indian Country - Ron Lee, President of the Native Policy Group, will address the the issues and challenges regarding deployment of telecommunications services on tribal lands

  • Best Practices and case study - Michael Hing, Mayor of the Town Of Superior Arizona will describe Superior's outstanding federal, state, county and local partnership  to deploy wireless broadband throughout the Town and to prepare citizens to effectively use the technology for commerce, government, education and more.

April 30, 2007
2:30-4:00 pm

Session Three- Telecom Technologies

 Telecom Technology Overview - Fiber, Wi-Max,, Broadband Over Power Line, DSL, Cable and More

  • Mark Goldstein, President, International Research Center

  • Josh Nelson, Information and Network Technology,  Cox Communications

  • Allan Meiusi, CEO, WI-VOD

May 10, 2007
2:30-4:00 pm

Session Four- Telecom Providers Perspective

  • Josh Nelson, Information and Network Technology,  Cox Communications

  • Allan Meiusi, CEO, WI-VOD

  • Curt Huttsell, Frontier Communications Solutions, and Chair of the Arizona Local Exchange Carriers Association

  • Brian Gilbert, Director of Network Services, CellularOne