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Arizona Telecommunications and Information Council

ATIC is Arizonaís recognized and authoritative organization guiding technology policy development, serving as a leading source of information and expertise on telecommunications and information technology matters. Arizonaís citizens, businesses, and organizations will have access to advanced telecommunications services and information technologies enabling them to participate in the global economy.

ATIC develops, promotes and supports initiatives and guides adoption of effective public policies that encourages wide-scale deployment and availability of telecommunications services and information technologies to insure economic prosperity for the Arizona community, expand the regionís global competitive advantage, enable continued educational advancement, and support an enhanced quality of life.

ATIC's public and private partners include large and small businesses, economic development organizations, libraries, consumer organizations, local and state government agencies, educational institutions, health care, the Arizona Corporation Commission, the Arizona legislature, and information technology and telecommunications companies. More ...

GCIT Communications Infrastructure Advisory Committee

The Communications Infrastructure Advisory Committee (CIAC) is a committee of the Governorís Council on Innovation & Technology (GCIT). Their mission is to advise the Governorís Council on methods, processes and policies which will enable Arizona to close the Digital Divide in Arizona. CIAC, in cooperation with ATIC, is charting a long-range roadmap and strategic plan for state-wide telecommunications to assist in overcoming barriers to broadband deployment, especially in the rural areas of the State. More CIAC...

CIAC is under GCIT,  the  Governor's Council on Innovation and Technology, the Governor's principal advisory group for innovation and technology. They are a catalyst for developing new economic development strategies, focusing on improving Arizona's knowledge-based economy.  The council is charged with: Developing the framework and vision to enable Arizona to become a global leader in innovation and technology research, development and product creation; Strengthening the innovation and technology infrastructure of Arizona; Evaluating capital formation in Arizona and developing recommendations that support Arizona's global competitiveness in the 21st century; Promoting technology transfer and inspiring partnerships between Arizona's business community and university researchers; Creating and retaining an active marketplace of quality jobs in Arizona. Telecom is one of the innovation and technology infrastructure initiatives. More GCIT...

Arizona Technology Council

The Arizona Technology Council is the largest technology association in Arizona serving all tech sectors across the state.  The Arizona Technology Council is a member-driven association.  We represent the interests of technology companies, their support firms, educational institutions and state-wide economic development groups that collectively form Arizonaís technology community.

The Arizona Technology Councilís mission is to support our members
and unify our partners to grow Arizonaís economy with technology and
innovation at the core. We drive partnerships, policies and programs 
that advance the business climate for Arizonaís technology community.
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