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January 27, 2011

Designing The Future,
You Can Make a Difference

Southern Arizona High School Students & Educators

Tucson International Airport
Main Terminal
8:30 am – 1:00 pm

About Key to Employment

Education and workforce development continue to be top priorities for Arizona and the Tucson community. Designing The Future ...You Can Make a Difference is the theme for this premier event that will connect 1000 Southern Arizona Freshman and Sophomore high school students, and 100 + teachers, to technology and 21st Century industries in Arizona.

The Tucson International Airport is the ideal setting for this event that is designed to inspire students in Pima and Santa Cruz counties to pursue a course of study that will prepare them for college and rewarding science, technology, engineering and other 21st Century Careers.

Students will also explore meaningful careers where they can be at the forefront in developing the social and technological advancements that will define the future of our world.

Briefly - What the Students Will Experience

They will be captivated by the 13 dynamic industry based Exploratoriums (Workshops) and immersed in the action taking place in the Industry, Technology and Career Expo.

They will see fascinating demonstrations and incredible technologies, discover great careers, gather lots of valuable resource materials, and explore options and directions to continue their education.

Lets not forget that there will be a multi-media presentation, Lunch, Raffle prizes and Super prizes.

Students will discover how they can have a fun, exciting and high paying technology and 21st Century career

Key2e provides Southern Arizona high school students the opportunity to:

Meet some of Arizona’s amazing industry professionals, engineers, educators, researchers, and even college students working at the cutting edge of science, technology and industry who will demonstrate some of the latest and greatest technologies and engage them in exploring the hottest, high-paying 21st Century careers

Explore technologies and careers in Aerospace, Information Technology and eLearning, Media Arts, Environmental Technology, Optics, Bio Sciences,  Nanotechnology, Engineering, Hospitality Management, Healthcare, Architecture/Construction, Law/Fire Science/Public Safety, Logistics, and more

Discover how they can be a part of the latest and greatest advancements in science, technology and other 21st Century industries such as developing the next mission to Mars, creating new energy sources, engineering tiny nano machines to fight diseases, designing the next generation of the Internet and video games, developing new technologies to protect the environment, designing and building our community, working to prevent and treat disease, and more

Learn about the course of study, skills, and educational requirements that will prepare you for college and science, technology and 21st Century careers

Connect with colleges, trade schools and community organizations that provide opportunities for you to further your education and training

Details - Workshop and Expo

Key2e Presented By

Key2e is presented by the Metropolitan Education Commission and the  Pima and Santa Cruz Tech Prep Consortium in cooperation with the Tucson Airport Authority, the City Of Tucson, Pima County, Pima Community College, the University of Arizona, school districts, the Pima County Joint Technological Education District (JTED), community organizations, and large and small businesses.

Over 40 people are participating on the community Steering Committee.  

We are partnering with businesses and community organizations including the Arizona Technology Council, the Bioindustry Organization of Southern Arizona, the Arizona Builders Alliance, and more.